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social design

Design writer Don Norman implores industrial designers of the future to understand “complex issues, about the interlocking complexities of human and social behavior, about the behavioral sciences, technology, and business” Design innovator Dr. Gjoko Muratovski stresses that “design is an ever evolving field that ultimately acts as a reflection of society. As the fabric of society changes so does design.”

I believe this change must start in changing what designers have been trained to identify as good design. Neutral design. Inclusive design. The market has long been saturated with endless products addressing every possible issue, so the space for more physical objects is getting tighter. Industrial design today must balance aesthetics and form with research and collaboration across fields. Form and function only address one aspect of a user’s and our society's complex physical and emotional needs.

Parity pockets

Graduate Thesis on Industrial Design & Female Identity



design for the mind

Design objects that take imaginative approaches to managing Alzheimer’s disease. Through a partnership with Caring Kind, designs were based on first person research with those impacted by the disease


objects of psychology & social justice

Incarceration, Mental Health & the Justice System

A theoretical and practical design course transecting mental health services, social justice, and design. Pushing the limits of product design and gaining the methods and thinking necessary for speculatively re-imagining and building what could be rather than strictly what is. 


take a number

Exhibited at Art Basel 2016, this Hennessy sponsored project is a response to their motto "never stop, never settle."  What is our “wild rabbit” that we chase? This piece explores sexual consent and the conversation around it.