3d wallpaper



As early as the 1850’s we have been titillated by stereoscopic, or 3D images.  Color splitting and shifting an image can produce a fantastical experience once you looked through 3D glasses. As a part of Sarah Kraus’ Pattern & Ornament course partnering with Twenty2 Wallpaper, we developed patterns  to become 3D wallpaper. 

Many times 3D images without 3D glasses can be a bit nauseating, so as I developed this pattern, I wanted it to function both with and without special eyewear. I was immediately  inspired by the 1950’s 3D film craze and the Ben-Day dots printing technique used to print color comics. The Ben-day dot is already a master at playing with the eye and the color and graphics of comics created a perfect setting.



Wanting to capture the excitement of a horror villain reaching through the screen, and since hands intrinsically evoke touch and movement, I began sketching a series of gesturing hands. I photographed hands clasped in various positions and used Illustrator and Photoshop to abstract them into repeatable tiles.

Final Renders

Artboard 1@2x.png