‘Fiamma’ was the result of Marc Rosen’s Fragrance Packaging course with novel fragrances provided by Symrise Fragrances. Using a provided sample fragrances as the inspiration, we each were to designed the bottle, packaging and graphics to tell the story of our given fragrance. 


The Fragrance

‘Fiamma’ is exotic and spicy, with warm and smooth aromas of vanilla, amber and creamy sandalwood. As the perfume lingers, delicate bouquets of opium and jasmine are revealed.

The Concept

The sweet warmth and spice of the fragrance evokes the seductive movement of a flame. Fiamma means “flame” in Italian. Much like the transfixing power of a burning flame, the Fiamma woman is captivating, mysterious and elegant.


Final Prototype





From 2D sketches to clay models to 3D CAD models for manufacture by Utley’s Inc.

Package Design